Ulverston Schools Gala 2017


Ulverston Schools Gala 2017

Annual ulverston schools swimming gala took place today.

Only 4 schools entered this year’s gala. Some fantastic swimming by all the children that took part. Schools came placed in the following positions.
1st Pennington
2nd Low furness
3rd St Mary’s
4th Sir John Barrow
Due to only 4 schools taking part, there was no finals, so while points were counted we had some fun relays. Everyone had lots of fun. Some children stayed behind, after the gala had finished to have some coaching from superstar Mark. Hopefully a few more will join otters. Can I just take this opportunity to thank all the officials, those who helped on cakes and the door, Mark Knagg, and Rosemary and Gary for organising the computer side of things and certificates.
Thank you to the children of each school and the team managers for taking part.
Hope next year’s gala is as good.

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