Collection of Children Policy

Ulverston Otters Collection of Children Policy

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(Applicable for Club Training Sessions and, Club Championships & Galas)

Ideally, parents of Primary Aged Children are required to stay at the pool / in

the grounds of the Leisure Centre for the duration of their child’s swim session.
If you are unable to remain at the pool, you must leave another parent or adult in loco parentis or you must leave your contact number with the coach BEFORE the session begins.

Parents of children in School Years 7-11 must be waiting inside the Leisure Centre for their children at the advertised end of the swim session (ideally 5 minutes before). Children must remain in the Pool building and may not wait outside or in the grounds.

If your child is 16+ you may give parental consent via the new 2017 membership forms for your child to be “unsupervised” after the end of the session, including leaving the pool independently.

Parents arriving 15-20 mins after the swim session ends will be considered late.

If you are running late you MUST call the Leisure Centre and ask them to inform the swim coach.

You will need to give CLEAR consent if you wish for another parent to transport your child home. Club officials are not permitted to transport your child in their own vehicles unless in exceptional circumstances.

If we cannot contact you on any of your emergency telephone numbers, after a reasonable period of time, we are required to consult the police or Children’s Services / MASH for advice on what action to take.

If a parent/carer fails to collect their child or young person on several occasions, with no contact from them or reasonable explanation for the delay, the welfare officer and another officer will arrange to meet with them and discuss the matter.

Parents who persistently fail to collect a child on time or who have not arrived after a reasonable period of time, and have given no prior notice or informed the organisation that they are delayed, may be failing in their duty of care to their child.

January 2017 – Adapted from ASA Wavepower Document 2016-19