Competitive Swimming Awards

Competitive Swimming Awards (badge scheme)UASCulverston-crest-small-shadow-100


The ASA Competitive Swimming Awards is a scheme designed to reward swimmers for achieving certain milestones in their racing development. It is ideal for swimmers who may not necessarily be winning medals at every gala but can see progression and have a sense of achievement.

The badges (which are usually sewn onto the back of the swimmer’s Otters poolside t-shirt) are achieved by gaining certain times for each event and are not dependent on age, so a swimmer will generally progress through the badges (bronze, silver, gold and platinum) as they grow up and become faster.

There are short, middle and long distance awards and for each distance a round badge and certificate is issued for bronze, silver, gold and platinum and then flashes are awarded for each stroke as the times are achieved.

The qualifying times are shown on the noticeboard for your reference.

Administering the scheme for the Club is Tracy Sharp, mum of Orianne and Indya, who is at the pool with the badges on a Saturday evening. A small charge is made to cover the cost of the badges.

Juliet Caldwell

Winter 2016