Diddy Age Swimmers


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1. I will be friendly and fair to ALL the people that I meet during my swimming such as my team mates, coaches, officials and swimmers from other teams.

2. I understand that being KIND to others is a really important part of being a great swimmer and that everyone deserves a chance to enjoy their swimming. We are a very inclusive sport which means everyone is welcome no matter who they are, where they come from or what they look like.

3. I understand that any deliberate behaviour which causes another person to be upset has to be investigated. Name calling, teasing, bullying and any pushing, hitting or kicking etc will be taken very, very seriously and may mean that I cannot be part of the Club.

4. I will try my best to show my VERY BEST BEHAVIOUR at all times.

5. If I am worried about poor/unfriendly behaviour that I hear about or see, I will tell a grown up such as my Coach, the Club Welfare Officer or a parent or carer so that they can help. This is always the right thing to do.

6. I will try my best to support and cheer for all my team mates. This helps us to be the best possible team.

7. I will also clap, cheer and be respectful of the achievements of swimmers from other teams and I understand that any booing, or unfriendly comments will be taken VERY seriously by my coaches and may mean that I do not get selected for my team.

8. I will respect the privacy of others, especially in the changing rooms. I understand that Ulverston Leisure Centre is a public place and I will get changed quickly, safely and sensibly.

9. I will try my best to arrive for all my swims on time and with all the equipment that I need including my water bottle.

10. I understand that once I am on the poolside at training or at a competition, I must not leave the poolside without telling a coach.

11. If I have any worries or questions about my swimming I know I can speak to my Coach or Club Welfare Officer.