UASC Group Mail Lists

This page allows you to register your interest in joining one of the UASC mailing lists.

We have a number of mailing lists set up to allow us to communicate with swimmers and parents regarding events and general communications about your membership of the Ulverston Swimming Club.

please select the mailing list for the swimming group your child has been allocated to, and swims with each time they attend training sessions, if you don’t know which group your child is in please talk to your child’s coach who will be able to help.

Your request to join your child’s swimming groups mail list will be validated through UASC membership to maintain the data integrity of the mailing lists.

by submitting a request to join one of the mailing list, you give permission for a member of the UASC committee to contact you regarding your request to join the mailing list.

your request will be approved once it has been verified that your child is a member of that group.

Please select your child’s swimming group from the options below, by clicking on the link the lists registrations page will open, please fill out the required information to subscribe to the group and submit your request.










Please fill out the section ” Subscribing to (Your Child’s Group Name)”