Child Welfare                                                              

Ulverston Amateur Swimming Club is committed to the welfare of all our Swimmers and if you are concerned about any aspect of what is happening to you while you are at the club, either due to the behaviour of adults or other young people, you can speak to your parent or the Club Welfare Officer, who will help you and your parents deal with the concern appropriately.

We expect all our swimmers and parents to behave in an appropriate manner to their coaches, all club helpers, fellow swimmers and all adults and young people you have contact with in competitions. We have a code of conduct that you and your parents will be asked to sign and return to the club as part of the Membership process. If you are unsure about any aspect of the code of conduct please feel free to ask.

Your club does not condone bullying of any kind, by adults or juniors, and has an anti-bullying policy. (Link – ASA anti-bullying Policy)

The Club Welfare Officer is Becky Morris – Becky can be emailed at welfare@uasc.me.uk Alternatively, you can also contact the Swimline helpline to talk about your concerns with a person who understands swimming and the welfare of children and young people. Swimline is contactable on 0808 100 4001. You will be asked to leave a number at which a “Swimliner” can call you back within 24 hours. This number will also access the NCPCC/Child Line helpline number if you need to speak to someone immediately just hang on until your call is answered.

Copies of the ASA policies on Safeguarding Children and Equity,  are also accessible on the ASA website.

Please Note – ASA Late Collection of Children Policy.

We hope you will have a very happy and successful time while being a member of our swimming club.

Helen Robinson
Club Welfare Officer


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